2019 Porsche GT3 RS


Lizard Green paint finish, Black/Lizard Green leather and Alcantara interior, extended range fuel tank, front axle lift, Smoking Package, Sport Chrono Package, Bose Sound System.


If you want a supercar that stands out, the GT3 RS will do that. If you want a supercar that will stand out and turn heads, finish that GT3 RS off in Lizard Green. It’s a color known as a “communication color,” it’s meant to catch your eye and draw you in. The color expresses sportiness, agility, and nimbleness. They have a car that pushes the limits of what’s technically possible, Porsche needed a cutting-edge color to match. The Lizard Green isn’t only for the exterior, it flows into the interior splashing itself on the leather and Alcantara pieces, complimenting your cockpit without being an eyesore.

It will be hard not to be throttle happy when sitting in the driver’s seat, and thankfully this one was optioned with the extended range fuel tank to keep you going a little bit longer. If you have the urge to take the racecar to work one day, you won’t have any problems with the front-axle lift that was checked off on the spec sheet. The Smoking Package that was added gives you an extra 12v outlet behind the shifter and they also checked off the Sport Chrono Package. Although you probably won’t want to drown out the poetry flowing through the exhaust tips, you are equipped with a Bose Sound System just in case. Adding one last touch to this GT3 RS build sheet, a color-matched Lizard Green key fob. No one will ever have to guess which Porsche is yours with your key fob visible.

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Transaction Terms

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