Defender 90 Station Wagon


Immaculate, A/C, Station Wagon, Arles Blue, Automatic, choice upgrades, last year imported to USA.


As Defender enthusiasts we find ourselves in a new complex world where no 2 D90s seem the same. With older units being eligible for importation they may be more affordable however we question a restored/modified older rig. What did it look like before its new paint? Was it rusty? Sure the engine has been upgraded but has the running gear? Does it even have power steering? Once considering the potential problems of a restored vehicle we start to understand the quality and value in an original Land Rover like the one we are proud to offer. Finished in Arles Blue this D90 is in over all excellent condition. It was purchased from a noted 4X4 collector in 2016 and has been under great care since. There are no signs of any corrosion and the vehicle has never been damaged. The paint is in showroom condition too. The undercarriage has been treated with a waxoyl rust guard which has obviously helped preserve the underside. Since then it has been fitted with the highly sought after GBR diffs. This allows for stable highway driving at 75 mph cruising speeds. GBR did a full service on the vehicle including oil, belts, fluids and more. The tires are fresh and the interior has been well preserved thanks to tinted windows all around. This vehicle may have a rugged appearance but the interior is very comfortable thanks to an upgraded stereo, new seat covers, A/C that blows cold, and new floor mats. New Bilsten shocks help smooth the ride out too. The rear cargo area features folding jump seats for your friends to join in on the ride. And thanks to the upgraded exterior winch your friends wont have to lend a hand when you become stuck in the backcountry. If you do decide to take it outside into the elements drive at peace knowing it has stainless steel hardware upgrades. Or enjoy it around town. With only 49,662 miles on the odometer there is plenty of life left in this ultra rare and collectable Land Rover Defender 90 station wagon.
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Transaction Terms

The sale can be conducted in person at the showroom in South Salt Lake, Utah, via FedEx, or digitally using DocuSign. Once a deal is established a $1,000 non-refundable deposit must be made at the time of agreement. Documents must be signed to conclude a deal. Once completed, payment can be made in the form of cashiers check, personal check, or wire transfer. The vehicle will not be released until payment is made in full and the required documents have been signed. Please note that you are responsible for the sales tax in which state you register the vehicle. If in the state of Utah Luxe Automotive Sales will collect and remit state sales tax. Payment in full must be made within 5 business days of the deposit. Luxe Automotive Sales reserves the right to sell the vehicle if these terms are not fulfilled within the stated time. ALL SALES ARE AS-IS FINAL.